New Essay: “Resisting the ‘Inevitable’ Narrative”

I’ve been working on a couple of essays on Standing Rock and the #noDAPL movement for The Revealer, a great venue for writing on religion, media, and culture that is published by NYU’s Center for Religion and Media. The first essay, “Resisting the ‘Inevitable’ Narrative: Standing Rock’s Anti-Colonial Eventualities,” has been published in the latest issue.

Here’s a brief excerpt:

Some commentaries on the current situation at Standing Rock have suggested that what is needed to solve the issue at hand, and prevent future issues from occurring, is more knowledge and understanding. This view assumes that gathering more information, uncovering more facts, and hearing more perspectives will automatically remedy the situation. Yet the production of knowledge, in and of itself, does not automatically “help.” If we are going to find ways to resist narratives about the inevitable decline of Native American cultures it is vitally important that we not only recount violent colonial histories but also understand how historians have, at times, relied on and furthered violent ideas.

Check out the full essay here!

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